We believe that reducing the environmental impact of our activities, when combined with proactive recovery and recycling of glass, makes glass packaging a more attractive proposition for consumers. This is the rationale behind our eco-conceived product lines.

Ecova noturellement valorisantOur manufacturing process for glass packaging allows us to offer our customers added-value products that are attractive to consumers, and to reduce environmental impact throughout the product life cycle, from raw materials to the end user (including selective sorting of glass after use) and, finally, recycling.

By optimizing the weight of glass required to produce a container of a given shape, our eco-conceived products are particularly environmentally friendly. And, like all of the glass packaging products manufactured by Verallia, they benefit from the inherent qualities of glass
- a neutral, inert material that is fully and endlessly recyclable
- as well as the improvements that we are making to the glassmaking process (optimized energy efficiency of production equipment, increased use of recycled glass in furnaces and reduction of CO2 emissions associated with raw materials extraction, production and shipment).

Our eco-designed ranges were successfully rolled out in 2009, mainly under the Ecova name (ECO-friendly and VAlue), in France, Spain, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Portugal and Italy. These containers, which combine aesthetic qualities with optimized weight while enhancing customers' products, are intended for the still and sparkling wine and beer
segments. They are tailored to the needs of regional markets
in each country by local sales and marketing teams.

Learn more about eco-conception by downloading this section of the brochure (pdf)