Cookies policy


While browsing our Site, information on your device may be recorded by Verallia Packaging and third party partners via cookies or similar technologies. 

This page allows you to understand what a cookie is, how we use it and what means you have to make choices with respect to these cookies.

1. Definition of Cookies

When you visit a website, data may be stored in or retrieved from your browser, usually in the form of cookies. This information may relate to you, your preferences or your device and is mainly used to ensure that the site functions properly or to improve its operation.

Cookies are also used to provide information to site editors or third parties offering services via the site you visit.

Cookies do not directly identify a user; they identify the browser or terminal used.

2. Cookies management

For each category of cookies, you can choose to refuse the use of cookies. However, if you block certain types of cookies, your browsing experience and the services we are able to offer you may be impacted.

You may review your choices at any time in the future by clicking on the [Cookie Management] link at the bottom of each page of the site to change your cookie settings. However, you cannot disable the required cookies via the cookie settings tool. 

3. Cookie categories

The different types of cookies that can be installed on your terminal when you visit the site are as follows:

3.1.Cookies required

  • Installed by Verallia
  • Necessary for the proper functioning of the site 

These cookies are strictly necessary for the functioning of our site and cannot be disabled. They are generally placed as a response to actions you have taken that constitute a request for services, such as defining your preferences in terms of confidentiality, language, connection or filling in forms. They allow you to use its main features. These cookies are not based on your profile and do not store any personally identifying information. Without them, you will not be able to use our site normally. However, if you wish to prevent the placement of this type of cookie, you can do so by reviewing your browser settings to disable the use of cookies. Please consult the "Help" section of your browser on this point. Please note that if you completely disable the use of cookies, Verallia cannot guarantee that you will be able to access all parts or services offered by the Site or that the Site will function properly.

3.2.Cookies for audience measurement and statistics 

  • Installed by Verallia
  • Produce statistics on your use of the site
  • Share information with Google

Verallia uses cookies from Google Analytics. These cookies allow Verallia to determine the number of visits and the sources of traffic in order to measure and improve the performance of the site. They also help Verallia to identify the most / least visited pages and to evaluate how visitors navigate the site. All information collected by these cookies does not directly identify you but identifies your browser or device. It is shared with Google. If you do not accept these cookies, your navigation will not be affected, but we will not be able to measure the performance of the site and improve it as effectively

3.3.Euronext cookies

  • Installed by Euronext
  • Allow viewing of Verallia's stock market information on the site 

These cookies are directly deposited within our site by Euronext. They are used to enable you to view Euronext content on our site. All the information collected by these cookies does not identify you directly but identifies your browser or terminal. If you do not allow these cookies from Euronext, you will not be able to view this third-party content from the Verallia site.

3.4.YouTube cookies (videos and ads)

  • Installed by YouTube
  • Allow viewing of Verallia's videos on the site 

These cookies are deposited directly within our website by the social network platform YouTube. Their purpose is to allow the user to view directly on the site the multimedia content hosted by YouTube for Verallia. In some cases, YouTube may also place cookies for ad targeting purposes. YouTube may use them to profile your interests and provide you with relevant advertisements on other sites. Cookies allow YouTube to track your browsing on other sites regardless of the device you are using and to build your user profile based on your interests. This can affect the content and messages presented on these sites. If you do not accept these cookies from YouTube, you will not be able to view certain Verallia content directly from the site.

4. Verallia’s retention of cookies

The information collected by Verallia with cookies is kept up to 12 months by Verallia. Verallia will regularly ask you, via the cookie banner, to renew your cookie choices. In any case, you can change your choices at any time, including withdrawing your consent, via the [Cookie Management] link on all pages of the site.