Financial Press Releases

  • Verallia releases its FY 2018 results
    14 Feb 2019
  • Verallia FY 2018 results presentation
    14 Feb 2019
  • Verallia_Q3 2018 results presentation
    14 Nov 2018
  • Verallia_PR Q3 2018 Results
    14 Nov 2018
  • IVN cession project
    18 Sep 2018
  • Appointment of Verallia South America's new Managing Director
    03 Sep 2018
  • Verallia Q2 2018 results presentation
    26 Jul 2018
  • Verallia releases its Q2 results
    26 Jul 2018
  • Verallia takes a new major step in enhancing its capital structure
    12 Jun 2018
  • Appointment of Verallia France's new Managing Director
    31 May 2018



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