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Paris, December 1, 2017 – Yesterday evening, Verallia, one of the world’s leaders for glass packaging for beverages and food products, named the winner of the grand finale of its design competition, Verallia Design Awards. Aura Ramos, Deniz Dönmez and Rohit Sahas Rabudhe, three students from the Italian edition of the constest, were selected for their project De Fiasco, a bottle for the wine market. 

Since 2009, various Verallia group subsidiaries have held an annual design competition. In 2017, Verallia Design Awards were held in seven countries: Germany, Brazil, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal and Ukraine. Almost 1,000 art or design school students and recent graduates designed an innovative glass container based on a given theme. The participants were provided with support from the Verallia teams, in particular to provide them with details about glass and its manufacturing requirements. 

With this design competition, Verallia provides an unprecedented approach to innovation for its customers who are closely involved in the selection of the winners. Some designs have even been selected for commercial release. Such was the case of the Soirée à Rosé bottle (designed by the winner of the first competition in 2010), marketed and sold by Gérard Betrand, and the Serac bottle (winner in 2016), selected by Maison du sud – Jeanjean. These two products have enjoyed significant success in France and internationally. The Serac bottle has also just won two packaging Oscars in the Consumption: design and graphic identity, and Glass transformation categories.

As the number of young designers presenting a project has increased each year and as customers are increasingly keen to explore new ideas, Verallia decided to open up its competition at an international level and prepare this first grand finale. The competitors are all winners of the various national competitions. Italy’s project De Fiasco was singled out by the jury meeting in Paris whose members include seven finalists, customers, professional designers, journalists and representatives of Verallia’s sales and marketing teams. Drawing its inspiration from a typically Italian flask-shaped bottle, De Fiasco is a new interpretation of an old bottle which at the time combined various materials (straw, laces and glass), to provide a 100% glass modern version. The original bottle finishing using straw and laces has been replaced with external engraving.

With the Verallia Design Awards, we are encouraging a privileged exchange with young designers around glass. We are also providing our customers with an unprecedented innovation approach, as reflected in the various sales success stories since the competition was introduced” said Michel Giannuzzi, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Verallia Group at the ceremony.

With this grand finale, a first in the competition’s history, we wanted to thank all participants for having placed their creativity at our customers’ service as they are constantly on the lookout for differentiation on their highly internationalized markets. It is these same customers who encouraged us to reach out beyond the national level. It is obvious that a project conceived by students in Italy for prosecco might equally attract a French or German producer of sparkling wines” added Emmanuel Auberger, CEO of Verallia France.

Packaging is a major component of the agri-food beverage industries’ marketing and environmental strategies. Verallia works with its customers throughout the process leading to the creation of glass packaging to arrive at a design that enhances their products to best effect. Convinced that glass is the ideal material to promote customers’ products and to protect consumers and the environment, Verallia is committed to encouraging tomorrow’s designers to use this material.

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