Our strategy

Our strategy

Verallia aims to become the benchmark for glass packaging and, more generally, for rigid packaging – a company contributing to the sustainable development of its communities, value for its customers and the well-being of its end consumers.


Our commitments
Comprehensively and strictly apply our Principles of Conduct:

Professional Commitment, Respect for Others, Integrity, Loyalty and Solidarity

And Action:

Respect for the Law, Caring for the Environment, Worker Health and Safety, and Employee Rights


Pursue an ambitious policy to constantly improve workplace health and safety


Continuously encourage the personal development of our employees

with a special focus on diversity, training and career management


Be a responsible and sustainable player within our local communities

notably through the promotion of glass recycling and the enhancement of awareness of all aspects of sustainable development


Minimize the environmental footprint of our operations with four priorities:
  • Maximum use of recycled glass in our furnaces
  • Increased energy efficiency in our manufacturing processes
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Optimized use of water resources


Implement alternative energy solutions at our plants

through research and development focusing on green electricity, biogas and syngas (synthesis gas) produced from biomass


Continuously develop eco-conceived products

creating additional value for our customers' products.