Verallia to present the new image of Selective Line at Luxe Pack Monaco 2011

Verallia will present the new image of its premium signature, Selective Line, at Luxe Pack Monaco 2011.

With a new logo, new image and new range, Selective Line reaffirms its position in the premium market and is now structured around three axes:

The COLLECTION, a catalog of stock bottles
CREATIV’ LAB, a creation and innovation center
SPEED TO MARKET, a service for working alongside its customers

  • The COLLECTION includes a series of stock bottles available in stock or for order, depending on the model. Infinitely customizable, the COLLECTION has been designed for the Wine, Spirits and Non-Alcoholic Beverage markets. Using the Extra Flint quality, the COLLECTION is also available in a variety of feeder colors, including Extra Black glass.

  • CREATIV’ LAB is a state-of-the-art creation and innovation center that brings together experts in glassmaking and premium decoration techniques to design new glass packaging and decoration projects. Equipped with the most efficient communication tools, the center provides a space for collaborative work in real time that optimizes the design-to-production time. CREATIV’LAB is based at the site of Verallia’s integrated partner, Saga Décor, in Pont Sainte Maxence (France), just 30 minutes from Charles de Gaulle Airport, making it even easier to develop close working relationships with our international customers.

  • SPEED TO MARKET is a service dedicated to accelerating product development with project managers who work alongside our customers throughout the design process. The “speed to market” teams are empowered to coordinate the various areas of expertise involved in creating new products, thereby significantly reducing the time needed to finalize and validate designs.

Selective Line’s strength lies in its global presence and the complementary nature of its products and services. The brand capitalizes on Verallia’s manufacturing expertise, while bringing together experts from all areas of glassmaking and innovation techniques for our premium customers. Selective Line’s creations come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from the simplest to the most complex. By making innovation the primary focus of its strategy, the brand’s goal is to anticipate the market’s expectations and become an essential partner for the premium segment.

For Luxe Pack Monaco, Selective Line has opted to present the latest additions to its range under its new image. The booth, “RD 10,” is structured around the brand’s three axes. Selective Line will exhibit all its Extra Flint models from the COLLECTION, as well as several representative bottles from the Extra Black series in matte, glossy and satin-finish versions.

Selective Line will also be exhibiting samples that are indicative of the expertise of its integrated partner Saga Décor. Undeniable achievements of the glass decorator’s conventional or innovative art, the creations on display use various techniques, such as screen-printing, acid-etching, Saticoat (1) , coating, metallization, transfer by immersion and sand-blasting.

As part of the event, Selective Line also designed the “For You” set as a partner in the « Formes de Luxe » award.


Verallia, the second largest global manufacturer of glass containers for the food and beverage industry, provides innovative, customized and eco-friendly packaging solutions for approximately 10,000 customers worldwide. As the leading global supplier of glass containers to the wine, spirits and food markets, Verallia manufactured nearly 25 billion glass bottles and jars in 2010. Verallia’s business model is built upon the combination of the strength of its worldwide network (industrial presence in 14 countries, commercial presence in 46 countries, and six research and innovation centers) and the proximity maintained with customers by its approximately 15,500 employees. In 2010, Verallia had combined net sales of € 3.6 billion. For more information:

About Selective Line

Selective Line is Verallia’s premium glass packaging brand, offering a complete range of bottles and services. The brand capitalizes on Verallia’s unique manufacturing expertise, while bringing together experts from all areas of glassmaking and decoration techniques worldwide for its customers.

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  1. Saticoat is exclusively offered by Saga Décor.