VeralliaLab Dego: For Continuous Innovation

Change…imagining another way…a different solution. And, doing it before others. This was the objective of Verallia Italia, a company that has always been focused on sustainable development and innovation, when it opened VeralliaLab in Dego on November 4. Following the success of VeralliaLab in Gazzo Veronese, VeralliaLab Dego is the new architectural area dedicated to the design of glass bottles and jars, characterized by innovation and customer service.

VeralliaLab Dego has the technology to give life to ideas, to transform a thought into reality that is destined to become a new product.

VeralliaLab Dego was designed by the firm Armellino&Poggio and was built in accordance with the criteria for environmental sustainability and energy conservation. For example, the exterior walls have wood siding that provide a ventilated facade and, along with the roof, provide significant insulating capacity, heat inertia and noise resistance. Solar panels help with the cooling and heating of the facility and with the production of hot water.

In VeralliaLab there is also space reserved for an artistic dimension through the Lamps Project, which was created with the schools and the Glass Museum of Altare. This collection, “Reproduced Products,” features bottles and glass jars that are reused in an ironic way to convey the infinite reuse of glass. The Ecovà art collection, the bordelaise-type bottles from Verallia’s eco-conceived series, is painted by local artists in a manner related to glass and its history.

Jérôme Fessard, CEO of Verallia S.A.; Giuseppe Pastorino, General Manager and CEO of Saint-Gobain Vetri; Roberto Pedrazzi, Director of Sales and Marketing for Saint-Gobain Vetri; Jacopo Bargellini, JFB Design Management; Piero Sardo, President of the non-profit organization Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity; and Giorgio Calabrese, Professor of Dietetics and Human Nutrition at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Piacenza and Università degli Studi of Turin, shared ideas about design, innovation, eco-sustainability, glass packaging, protection of biodiversity and the health of consumers.

Verallia, the second largest global manufacturer of glass containers for the food and beverage industry, provides innovative, customized and eco-friendly packaging solutions for approximately 10,000 customers worldwide. As the leading global supplier of glass containers to the wine, spirits and food markets, Verallia manufactured nearly 25 billion glass bottles and jars in 2010. Verallia’s business model is built upon the combination of the strength of its worldwide network (industrial presence in 14 countries, commercial presence in 46 countries, and six research and innovation centers) and the proximity maintained with customers by its approximately 15,500 employees. In 2010, Verallia had combined net sales of € 3.6 billion. For more information:

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